Competitive CS:GO statistics

  • WE track & analyze your competitive matches
  • WE summarize your strengths and weaknesses
  • YOU progress faster & more easily!

Why use this service?

Monitor your performances : We track your games so you can easily follow your matches results and overall progression.
Improve your gameplay : We analyze your competitive matches so you can simply visualize improvement patterns.

What does this service provide?

Auto-tracking system

Our servers will track all of your competitive games for you.


Game history

Keep a record of all your competitive matches statistics.

matches history


Visualize your evolution over time with nice & suitable charts.


Profile overview

Enjoy a clean player profile based on your playstyle.

profile overview

Detailed data

Explore specific data according to your needs: maps, rounds, weapons & more.

stats detail

More to come...

We already have plenty of ideas to implement and will be listening to our community to add new features.

Who is behind this project?



I am a web developer and a huge fan of Esport and Counter-Strike since the 2000s.

This project resulted from my need to consult relevant statistics about my competitive matches on CS:GO in order to track my progression.

Most of the existing solutions I found were either irrelevant (mixing data from deathmatch, casual...), incomplete (only basic data like kills, deaths, assists...) or annoying (required to ask for matches analysis manually).

I started working full time on this project since the 2nd quarter of 2019 and any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope you will like it!

Luckso @ CS:GO Stat Track


CS:GO Stat Track